All the B0ts

D4ng3r, d4ng3r W1ll R0b1ns0n
Our Bots

[ ! ] Dyno

We use Dyno to protect the server from spam and trolls, as well as to filter words and identify users.

[&] and [>] Rythm and Rythm 2

These are our music bots. To see a list of their commands, type &help.

Basic commands: play search queue np (now playing)

[-] HavenBot

This is our proprietary, ever-changing, ever-improving, lovely, ghost-made bot. It helps us with moderation and some fun things like quotes.

[.] Gaius Orange

Gaius is also used for spam and troll protection, as well as to store custom commands.

[>] Gaius Pink

Use Gaius Pink to pull up adorable pictures of animals: >bunny >snake >dog >cat >fox

[?] UnbelievaBoat

This bot is used to generate server currency, which can be used to purchase things from the server store, like roles, name colors, commands, and bot replies. To see a full list of the commands visit their website.

Basic commands: Money commands follow the syntax ?dep # or ?dep all.

?bal -- checks your balance (alternatively ?money also works) ?dep -- deposits money to the bank ?with -- withdraws money from your bank ?give-money @name amount ?bj -- begins a blackjack game ?whois ?cat ?dog ?dad-joke