Custom Bot Commands

You can purchase commands by going to the ?store and for 5000 flowers you can ?buy purchased command. Afterwards, head to #member-input and type !customcmd trigger content. So for instance I could type !customcmd zen Zen is always lurking and the bot would respond to .zen with the text โ€œZen is always lurking.โ€

If you cannot see what the bot is saying to you, turn on LINK PREVIEWS in personal settings.

To see a FULL list of commands type .cmds in one of the #bot-spam channels but be warned the bot will send you a couple dozen DMs. Instead, here are some popular commands:

  • .treebreathe is a meditative breathing aid

  • .breatheballmachine is another meditative breathing aid

  • .ballmachinebreathe is another meditative breathing aid

  • .minor: since we are an 18+ server, you can use this command to bring up a message to an underage member and then you should contact the Team.

  • .crisis notifies you via DM about how to report to the Team about a crisis situation involving a suicidal person

  • .drugcombos links to Tripsit and its compendium of drug interactions

  • .selftalk posts a list of positive affirmations

  • .si pulls up a guide on how to tolerate self-harm/injury urges

  • .headdesk: a fun graphic to express yourself

  • .breathe is a meditative breathing aid

  • .breathecat is a meditative breathing aid, but with a kitty

  • .emotion is an emotion wheel to help identify what youโ€™re feeling

  • .feelwheel: an emotion wheel

  • .tipp suggests ideas for distress tolerance

  • .dissociate is a description of dissociation

  • .pds: the DSM-IV and DSM-V criteria of all the personality disorders

  • .selfcare is a checklist to help you take care of yourself

  • .gad is information on generalized anxiety disorder

  • .sz is info on schizophrenia

  • .ptsd is info on PTSD

  • .mindful is a guide for mindfulness

  • .grounding is a 54321 grounding exercise

  • .mhcommands <โ€” for a full list of useful mental health/support commands