1:1 Support


The Haven offers 1:1 peer support through our "I Need Support" and "Private Support" categories. Sessions can last up to one hour, and can cover a broad range of subjects—whatever is on your mind really, though please include trigger warnings for supporters when you ping for support.

To ask for a support session, visit #🔹support-waiting-room🔹 and type the word support. This will prompt @[s?] Baymax to ask you three questions: what triggers might the supporter encounter, how might we best support you (i.e. advice, just listening), and what type of support would you like (short, venting, or the full 60 minutes). When a supporter takes your session, they will access a hidden channel for you both that is seen only by moderators and other supporters. This way your session isn't visible to the entire server. The channel will disappear again at the end of your session.

To ask for private support, visit #🔹request-private-support🔹 and type support. You will be prompted to answer the same questions. Private support also creates a hidden channel for you and your supporter (and the mods) but these channels are deleted after they are reviewed by support staff. We do not keep information from these channels unless someone is in danger.

Response times vary drastically depending on what volunteers are available. Sometimes the delay may be several hours, but we always try to ping you to check if you still want to talk. Between midnight and 6 AM EST we are usually short staffed, so these will be the longest wait times.