Member Input

You can interact with us in a variety of ways. Head to #member-input to voice your opinions, ask questions, or make suggestions. If you have questions about the server you can also ping @guides. When using a command, exclude the < >.

-report report an issue or user to the team. this is confidential.

-nickname request a nickname change: -nickname newname

-birthday add your birthday to our calendar as Month Day, like March 15

-vent send a vent into the void where only the moderators and admins can see it

-suggestion offer a suggestion for the server

-question ask a question about the server

-feedback give feedback for a supporter after you have a private support session

-eventfeedback give feedback for an event

-ft suggest a feature for the Haven's proprietary bots (HavenBot, Baymax, Hedwig, Hermes)

-role use #bot-spam to pull up a list of self-assignable roles and follow the prompts

-customcmd purchase a command through #bot-store. then type -customcmd triggerword picture/link so for example, -customcmd zen zen.jpg