Member Input

You can interact with us in a variety of ways. Head to #member-input to voice your opinions, ask questions, or make suggestions. If you have questions about the server you can also ping @guides. When using a command, exclude the < >.

β€”birthday <month> <day> (E.X. -birthday March 15) !buddy <Looking for buddy message> !prompt <Daily Prompt Idea> !report <A server issue or an issue with a user> !teamcrisis <A secret @team ping> (please include usernames, channels, and any other relevant information) !customcmd <trigger> <link.jpg/gif> !customreply <work | crime | fail> <message to send> (for the flower bot) !puzzle <Answer to the puzzle prompt> !artsubmission <A link to your artwork either in Discord or on the web> !eventfeedback <event name | event leader name> <feedback> β€”twβ€”art <link to artwork> <β€” to submit trigger warning art visit #submit-tw-art

For server questions: β€”question <How do I use the role command?>

Nickname requests: β€”nickname <new nickname>