Server Currency: Flowers

Our server's currency is flowers.

Flowers are earn by typing in chat, as well as through the commands ?work and ?crime (though beware, this one is a gamble).

You will also earn flowers periodically as an allowance once you are a member. To check your balance type ?money or ?bal in #bot-spam.

Your money is kept in cash and in the bank. You can deposit by typing ?dep # or ?dep all or you can withdraw money with the ?withdraw command.

If you want to give your friends money, use ?give-money @name amount. If you have questions, please tag @guides so they can help!

To see a list of everyone's currency, type ?lb

Visit our bots page for more information.

Color Roles

By going to the #bot-store, you can purchase roles that will change your username's color on the server to one of the following colors:

Purchasable Roles

Too rich for me

Only a few available.

Send a #mod-mail to let us know that you've purchased a custom role!

Introducing... The Great Haven Scavenger Hunt!!

Here's the deal. In the #bot-store you can now buy 30 new items. They do not give roles. They are collectible items.

If you collect any 10 items: Bronze Gatherer

If you collect any 15 items: Silver Gatherer

If you collect any 20 items: Gold Gatherer

If you collect ALL 30 items: Platinum Gatherer

To redeem your collection, take a screen shot of your inventory (?inv) and send it to the mod team via #mod-mail! We will get back to you and give you your role manually ASAP!

Item: Price

1. One (1) Merp 1f 2. First Aid Kit 500f 30. An espresso for your depresso 2500 f 3. A hookah 5000 f 4.. A fluffy bun bun 7500 f 5 ice cream 10000 f 6 A small dumpster fire 15000 f 7 haven flower coin 25000 f 8 Spicy Meme 50000 f 9 Chonk 75000 f 10 Tiny pupper 100000 f 11 Kyu Fan Club Sticker 125000 f 12 piece of the aggro crag 150000 f 13 the sword of self care and justice 175000 f 14 License to uwu 200000 f 15 Ban Hammer 225000 f 16 Zen statue 250000 f 17 Troll antidote 275000 f 18 Precious kitten 300000 f 19 Spoon 350000 f 20 Sunflower 400000 f 21 Some of zen’s stash 420000 f 22 Helmet 500000f 23 A well-loved mountain bike 750000 f 24 Continuum transfunctioner 1000000 f 25 More Idiot 1250000 f 26 A Unicorn 1500000 f 27 A lock of ghostbot’s hair 1750000 f 28 Tickets to the Weeknd 2000000 f 29 sanity 2500000 f